Living Better Than Your Parents at Your Age?

If the national standard of living has been on a downward slope since the prosperous ’60s, that’s news to most Americans. Undeterred by the glum pronouncements of economists, political candidates and multi-part newspaper extravaganzas, people persist in telling pollsters they feel they’re doing just fine. In a nationwide survey conducted for Adweek by Alden & Associates, a marketing research firm based in Hermosa Beach, Calif., respondents were asked: Are you living better than your parents did at the same age? In all, 82 percent said they are–up a good notch from the 71 percent who said so when we posed the same question last year. Among those who said they’re not doing better than mom and dad, a majority (56 percent) said they are faring as well as their folks did. Respondents in the supposedly dispirited 18-24-year-old cohort were even more likely than the sample as a whole to say their standard of living exceeds that of their parents at the same age.

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