Quepasa!com Hires Garcia

Hispanic Web Site Contracts San Antonio Agency
DALLAS–After a brief trial run, Garcia/LKS has been tapped as agency of record for the planned $10-15 million account of a new Spanish-language Internet portal site dubbed Quepasa!com.
Quepasa!com is a year-old venture of a young California entrepreneur, being positioned as a preferred World Wide Web gateway for 10 million Hispanic computer users nationwide. The Phoenix-based company is basically encapsulating customized news, events, weather, travel and e-mail services in a “Hispanic-friendly” search engine environment, said agency principal Luis Garcia.
“Most Latinos love electronics, telephones and entertainment,” said Garcia. “It’s not that big a leap to connect them to the Internet as a way to keep in touch with their families, history and culture.”
The Quepasa!com account win is the first since the San Antonio agency changed its name (for the fourth time in three years, most recently from Spark/KJS).
Garcia’s partners are chief executive officer Lionel Sosa and president Kathy Sosa.
Quepasa!com chief executive officer Jeff Peterson, 26, formed the company in 1998 and earlier this year invited Garcia and the Sosas to pitch for his ambitious marketing plans. Quepasa!com hopes to hit Spanish- and English-language television and radio hard, building a brand image against other Hispanic sites (like StarMedia) vying for on-line attention. Also set are outdoor and print executions. Although not revealed (the shop promised some undisclosed marketing “surprises”), it is likely the account will also feature widespread Internet marketing.
Both Quepasa!com and the Intel Corp.-backed StarMedia plan to seed 1999 marketing plans with upcoming initial public offerings. Quepasa!com, already with $90 million on the books, is looking to raise another $40 million [Adweek, March 22].
Quepasa!com’s site design has been rated “snappy” by SmartMoney, which noted the venue uses the same search-engine technology as Yahoo!.