Put The Treat In Treatment

Mealing with hairballs is among the downsides of owning a cat. To date, remedies have generally been foul-tasting for the pet and/or messy.
But Heinz Pet Products says it has developed a hairball remedy, Pounce Hairball Treat-ment, that is the first to be contained in a treat.
A forthcoming print campaign from J. Walter Thompson, Chicago, will “highlight that unique point of difference,” said Karen Cashen, the agency’s account director. The work, however, which will appear in cat enthusiast magazines, will not feature a celebrity endorsement from the likes of a Morris (longtime icon for Heinz’s 9 Lives cat food) or even a Mr. Bigglesworth (Dr. Evil’s hairless cat).
“The whole thrust [of the campaign] is that this is an ‘every cat’ problem,” Cashen said.
– Aaron Baar