Put a Sock in It

“If you can sync up your hand motions with your voice, you can own the world,” the Sock Puppet boasted to Adweek in June 2000. With that world now largely repossessed, the former Pets.com celebrisock is working for1-800-Bar None, a company that secures auto loans for people who have trouble getting financing elsewhere. Nine TV spots are due in July, and the crusty, weathered dot-com hero will surely deliver the company’s tag, “Every one deserves a second chance,” with gusto.

Andreas Ramos, the Silicon Valley egghead behind the popular tech site Andreas.com, was taken aback by S.P.’s resurrection. Ramos held a mock funeral for the Internet in his backyard last year, interring the Sock Puppet in a Webvan coffin. “My friends began asking if he had risen from the dead,” says Ramos. “I went out and looked. Someone had dug up his casket. Sock Puppet was gone. Like in a Stephen King novel, he went down the street, lurching and hissing, to be a spokespuppet again.”

Undead or not, S.P. is getting the thumbs up from some former colleagues. “The puppet was another casualty of our industry, so it’s nice that he was able to find work somewhere else,” says one ex-staffer of TBWA\Chiat\Day, San Francisco, which handled Pets.com. “At least someone from Chiat found a new job.”