Put ’em Up, Rockwell

If ever a millionaire needed his ass kicked, it’s Rick Rockwell.

So says the creative team at DiMassimo Brand Advertising, which launched a “Who Wants to Kick a Millionaire’s Ass?” contest in April as part of its first campaign for new client Crunch Fitness [Adweek, March 27].

The prize was 10 weeks of free kickboxing lessons at Crunch and the chance to box a millionaire.

Now, the agency and client have signed a millionaire (Rockwell) to square off against contest winner Marni Rosenthal, a 23-year-old New Yorker and aspiring actress, who was selected from a drawing of 160,000 entrants.

“I thought it was a brilliant idea,” said Crunch CEO Doug Levine, re-calling his reaction to DiMassimo’s promotion. “Here’s a guy who has a sense of humor and who the public would love to see get his ass kicked.”

Rockwell is the comedian-turned-real estate broker who participated in Fox network’s stunt TV show, “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire.” The “marriage” to Darva Conger earlier this year generated controversy when it was revealed that the millionaire “groom” received a restraining order from an ex-girlfriend in 1991.

On Sept. 23, Rosenthal will kickbox Rockwell at Crunch’s downtown Manhattan location. Le-vine said he is negotiating with two TV networks to broadcast it.

“He better not ask me to marry him,” said Ro-senthal. “I’ve got really good sideways kicks. No question I can take him.”

Rockwell could not be reached for comment.

Rosenthal, who will have completed her kickboxing lessons by the fight date, also won a year’s membership to Crunch, Levine said. Crunch will donate $20,000 to Rockwell’s favorite charity in exchange for his participation.

Mark DiMassimo, agency president and executive creative director, said the creative team compiled a list of potential millionaires for the contest, including Donald Trump, Virgin CEO Richard Branson and adman Donny Deutsch.

DiMassimo won the estimated $15 million Crunch account in January without a review. The account had been at Mad Dogs & Englishmen. DiMassimo handles media planning; buying is done by Mack Communications of Westport, Conn. NEWSMAKERS