Purity Ends 26-Year Milk Run

By Jim Osterman

ATLANTA–After a 26-year relationship with one Nashville, Tenn., agency, Purity Dairies has moved its $1 million-plus advertising account to Ericson Marketing Communications, also in Nashville.

Another local shop, The Buntin Group, also made the finals.

The advertising account had been with Carden & Cherry, which merged with The Bohan Agency last year, forming Bohan, Carden & Cherry. It was the changes brought about by that coupling that opened the door for Purity Dairies to review its account.

‘We had an outstanding relationship with (Carden & Cherry),’ said Mark Ezell, vice president and director of marketing and sales at Purity Dairies. ‘After the merger we found ourselves dealing with new people, and we felt it was reasonable to look around.’

Officials at Purity Dairies said it was Ericson Marketing Communications’ creative that made the difference in their decision to move their advertising account.

‘We were very impressed with their creative approach to our business,’ Ezell said. ‘Not just the specific campaigns, but their thinking and strategy.’

The agency’s first major effort for the client will break next month.

‘Their competition is heating up,’ said agency president and chief executive officer Gary Haynes. ‘They’re expanding into new markets and their competition is coming into (Purity’s markets). They want to think about doing some new things (with their advertising) over the next few years. Our charge is to help keep Purity as one of the preeminent brands in the Southeast.’

The team at Ericson in charge of the Purity Dairies account will be senior vice president and director of client services John Hannon and creative director Tom Johnston.

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