Pump You Up

Most ads for protein supplement drinks depict their target audience as hard-bodied male weightlifters. But a new campaign from Matthews/Mark for Next Nutrition’s Designer Protein takes a different approach.
Two two-page print spreads show a sensuous woman peering seductively into the camera. One reads, “87 percent of women say the first thing they notice about a man is his eyes. Liars.” The second reads, “When was the last time a woman wanted to caress your big, strong sense of humor?”
A third execution shows a frail older man holding a tiny infant in his arms. “You’re born small and weak. You die small and weak. How you look in between is up to you.” The product appears at the bottom right of the page.
“We’re going emotional in what has always been a physical world,” said Michael Mark, president and chief creative officer at the San Diego agency. “We’re aiming for the lump in their throat–not the bulge in their shirt.”
The Carlsbad, Calif., client’s ads broke in August issues of health, muscle, fitness and general interest magazines.
–Teresa Buyikian