Puma, “Blam! Blam!”

Blending Jamaica’s reputation as home to both quick sprinters and good music, the first spot in Droga5’s latest campaign for Puma plays off the design of its Faas shoe to present “The World’s Fastest Band.” The ad shows the four-piece “Rocker Flex & Groove” (OK, three-plus-one piece), whose names match the footwear’s branding features, dashing through the streets of Kingston sporting instruments and kicks, performing to the delight of the city’s residents. The tone and substance both aim to convey a pretty straightforward message: Buy this gear, run faster and have more fun. Whether or not that succeeds in cutting through the commercial’s sense of its own cleverness—at one point, a local kid attempting to keep up trips and faceplants on concrete—well, you decide. —Gabriel Beltrone