A Pug’s Life

It’s generally accepted that the dog will have his day. But Larry Silverstein’s dog may have to check with his corporate sponsor first.

Silverstein, advertising director of Shout magazine in New York, is jumping on the brand-that-family-member bandwagon, offering to name his yet-to-be-acquired pooch (which will probably be a pug) after the next advertiser to sign a yearlong ad pact with Shout.

Silverstein promises ad impressions every time he calls the dog’s name—pug-friendly young women will no doubt often be nearby—and other incentives, too. “He may need a jacket with his name on it,” he says.

While “Kirin” or “Ben Sherman” might be better, Silverstein isn’t above naming the dog something like “Brooklyn Ale House” to get the $4,900-a-page deal signed. Besides, he says, it’s really not all that humiliating for the dog.

“It’s all about how you say it,” he says of names in general. “You can tell a baby something like, ‘You’re such a stupid baby.’ But if you say it right, it can almost be like a compliment.”