Publicis Touts Seahawks’ New Day

Miniature football players suffer indignities like having their heads put into pencil sharpeners and getting sucked up by vacuum cleaners in Publicis in the West’s new campaign for the Seattle Seahawks.

The effort, which breaks this week, introduces the tag, “Be there from the beginning,” and is meant to tout the Seahawks’ new stadium and the team’s entrance into a new division, the NFC West.

Seven TV spots show a model of Seahawks Stadium with tiny football-player figurines on the field. Real Seahawks players Trent Dilfer, Darrell Jackson, Lamar King, Anthony Simmons and others, along with a security guard who represents the “12th player” or “avid fan,” take out their aggressions on their tiny foes, said Kevin Kehoe, co-president and chief creative officer of the Seattle agency.

“When a team gets a new stadium, there’s a shot of adrenaline and confidence,” said Kehoe, adding that the violent behavior shown by the players and security guard suggests that the Seahawks will “really destroy the opposing teams in the new division.”

Last year’s campaign featured the tag “We like our chances” and actor Eugene Levy as the devil. “His character didn’t lend itself to our new strategy of selling season tickets for the new stadium,” Kehoe said.

Ads will run statewide through Sept. 15 during Mariners games and the evening news and on ESPN. The campaign also includes radio and print ads, as well as wild postings.