Publicis Takes Lead for BMW

Promotes Import’s Luxury Sports Wagon in Print, TV Campaign
DALLAS–Publicis here, along with its New York office, has been given front-line marketing duties for a new luxe utility model being introduced to American shores by German auto-maker BMW.
Publicis, which normally divides regional ad duties for BMW of North America among its offices, has been handed the responsibility of touting BMW’s new 5 Series Sports Wagon. The vehicle is intended to compete in the luxury sport wagon category already populated by Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, according to Publicis senior principal Brice Campbell.
Publicis here has produced four newspaper ads and one magazine slick that attempt to convey the combination of added cargo space with BMW’s performance and handling, according to the shop. The executions carry copy such as, “Holds the skis, the camping equipment, the bikes, and most importantly, the road” and “What sets our wagon apart from other wagons? The gas pedal.”
The magazine ad launched earlier this month in Coastal Living. Newspaper ads will be carried in major dailies and made available to regional BMW dealer groups.
“We’ve always complemented the national campaigns before” from Fallon McElligott in Minneapolis, said Campbell, “so this is a first.”
A 30-second television commercial from Publicis in New York has been on the air for the past month, running mostly in New England and some snow areas in the Midwest. Using the umbrella national tagline, “The ultimate driving machine,” the spot intercuts scenes of children sleighing down a snowy hill with images of the BMW being driven on the same slope. Both the driver and the kids are shown having a good time in the snow because of the control offered by the BMW.
The ad touts the car’s all-season traction and stability control. Copy states, “A snow-covered mountain is just as much fun as it ever was.” The driver turns out to be the mother coming to pick up the children. The BMW acts like a “ski lift,” taking the kids back up the hill for more fun.
“The ad demonstrates the fun of driving the BMW in the snow,” said Tony DeGregorio, chief creative officer and president of Publicis in New York. –with Sloane Lucas