Publicis Serves Tournament

Internationally known tennis players are portrayed as larger-than-life gladiators of the courts in a new campaign for RCA Championships 2001 tournaments by Publicis Indianapolis.

The “Here I am” campaign breaks with radio spots on Indianapolis stations next week. Print executions will appear in June issues of various tennis trade publications. TV ads, still being finalized, will break in July on Indianapolis stations.

The print work, which sets the tone for the entire campaign, features a close up of three international tennis players in the tournament standing together, said Jeanne Scheets, director of marketing for the RCA Championships.

Copy reads “The 2001 championships will feature the best players from all over the world.”

“We wanted to educate the American public that these guys are recognized around the world as the next generation of tennis superstars,” Scheets said.

The tournament takes place Aug. 11-19 at the Indianapolis Sports Center and is sponsored by Thomson Consumer Electronics through the RCA brand.

Publicis Indianapolis won the tournament’s account in November. It previously was split between Bates USA Midwest and Dean Johnson, Scheets said.