Publicis Returns Owens To TV

Owens Country Sausage patriarch and longtime pitchman Jerry Owens restricts himself to a narrative appearance, but a family-oriented theme remains in two new 30-second commercials for the client via Publicis here.
Promoting the Rich-ardson, Texas-based company’s lineup of packaged sausages, the new television spots show a family of four drawn together from various morning activities for a sit-down breakfast. The ads, plus a 60-second radio execution, begin airing this week in regional spot buys in nine states.
The TV commercials, the first produced by Publicis in two years for the client, are a rarity in that they do not include Owens family members.
Each commercial shows a mother preparing Owens sausage patties in a skillet, while the kids are playing elsewhere and the father is refinishing a rocker in his workshop. All of them drop what they are doing and run to the table when breakfast is served. The two commercials conclude with different product shots.
“The Owens family makes sausage. And while that may seem like a little thing, if you watch what happens, it really isn’t,” says Jerry Owens in a voiceover. “Because we use only the choicest cuts of meat and the finest seasonings, we’ve made a sausage that tastes so good, it has the power to bring a family together. Owens Country Sausage.”
Owens, which is owned by Bob Evans Farms in Columbus, Ohio, spent $1.4 million in measured media buys in 1997, but only $230,000 in the first six months of 1998, according to Competitive Media Reporting.
The ads will run through 1999.