Publicis Makes T-Mobile All About ‘More’

LOS ANGELES Wireless carrier T-Mobile is set to break a national campaign on Monday introducing its “Get More America Plan.”

The effort, from Publicis in the West, includes TV, radio and print executions. Ads touts the new plan, which offers 1,000 minutes for $39.99 and coast-to-coast coverage without roaming or long-distance charges, said Bob Moore, co-president and executive creative director at the Seattle shop.

Campaign spending was undisclosed. The Bellevue, Wash.-based client spent nearly $350 million on ads last year, and more than $55 million for the first three months of 2003, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.

Two 30-second TV spots in rough-cut form show scenarios in which people take advantage of the minutes and coverage. One spot follows a young, resourceful guy named Adam Shapiro on a cross-country road trip. Starting out in San Francisco, he uses his T-Mobile to call new and old friends, including someone he knew from first grade, asking if he can stay with them. In one scene, the traveler, who is white, bids farewell to an African American man and woman as the man asks, “You sure he’s your cousin?”

Another spot has a young couple in a car, on their way to elope. The bride-to-be appears to have second thoughts about tying the knot without the support of friends, and asks to invite just one friend to the ceremony. As they drive, she proceeds to invite numerous friends and family and begins to talk of seating plans. When they arrive at the ceremony site, there is a line of cars parked out front, including a white limousine, and numerous guests are milling about.

“We tried to get out an idea that would allow us to have people talking on the phones, and imply that they can have long conversations because they have all these minutes,” said Moore. “We were looking at concepts that would hopefully drive both points home—you get lots of minutes and you can use them wherever you want.”

There are also two 15-second retail-focused TV ads. One shows an alarm clock. As the hours advance, the image of a man talking on his cell phone at various times throughout the day is shown in the display. Another has a cell phone moving across a map of the U.S.

TV spots continue to end with T-Mobile spokeswoman Catherine Zeta-Jones delivering the “Get more” tagline. The ads will run on networks including NBC, ABC, The WB, Fox and UPN, as well as on cable channels, during programs such as Fear Factor, CSI Miami, The Practice, Law & Order, Frasier and For Love or Money.

Two 60-second radio spots have an older couple calling their son from the road as they hit locations like Daytona Beach for spring break and Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and a guy repeatedly calling an ex-girlfriend. He initially says that they had to go their separate ways, but then pleads with her to take him back. The campaign also includes three newspaper ads.