Publicis Creates a Sense of the Absurd for IronKids

It’s an idyllic scene: sunny weather, a bench in the park and an elderly man throwing bread to the pigeons.

But in the latest television commercial for IronKids bread, things take a goofy turn when a second elderly man comes along and sits down on the bench.

Carrying a bagged loaf of IronKids, he begins tossing slices into the air. Instead of birds, children from the park begin leaping into the air to catch the bread in their teeth. Soon the pair is surrounded by a flock of jumping kids.

The 30-second spot, which broke last month, was created by the Dallas office of Publicis in Mid-America. The over-the-top sensibility mines the same vein of humor as the agency’s last spot for the client, which showed a giant sandwich in a school lunchroom.

“We seem to be establishing a fun, approachable character for [IronKids],” said Publicis co-president and head of creative Ted Barton. “Since the bread has this added formula there’s an energy to it that we like to keep going.”

Earthgrains is a fortified white bread which contains the same amount of fiber as wheat bread, plus calcium, vitamins and other minerals.

“The message is that not only is it good for them, but kids like eating it,” Barton said. “They’ll literally jump for it.”

IronKids is one of several brands which Publicis handles for St. Louis-based Sara Lee Bakery Group, formerly The Earthgrains Company.

The client spends approximately $1-2 million annually on advertising the IronKids brand, according to CMR. The budget for the latest effort was not disclosed.

The ad, which targets parents, is airing on daytime spot television in approximately 40 markets through Oct. 7.

The spot was filmed in Los Angeles by director Dave Merhar and HSI Productions.

On the agency side, the creative team included senior producer Diana Payer, art director Dan Streety, associate creative director Mike Fiddleman, group creative director Galen Greenwood and executive creative director Steve Feldman.