Publicis Crafts Fairy-Tale Invites

Publicis launched a print campaign last week for the Washington State Tourism Board’s Web site that relies on fairy-tale images instead of the traditional outdoor scenes commonly portrayed in travel ads.
The ads, which will appear this month in regional editions of Martha Stewart Living, Sunset and Gourmet, among other magazines, show vacationers gliding down a stream atop a giant Red Delicious apple and hiking on equally oversized rain-forest mushrooms.
The tagline is, “A little trip to the extraordinary.”
The campaign is intended to draw computer users to the tourism board’s Web site at
The ads are intended to serve as a kind of vacation fairy tale, said the Seattle agency’s president and executive creative director, Gail Anne Grosso.
“In some of the tourism ads out there, you can put your hand over the [text] and they all look the same. They all have outdoor settings that could be Ireland or Montana. … We didn’t want to do that,” Grosso said.
Campaign billings are an estimated $1.5 million. The work relies on the fairy-tale images to cast a new light on Washington, a state tourism officials say is mostly known for Seattle and Mount Rainier.