Publicis, Citi Dare to Dream

NEW YORK Publicis’ first global brand campaign for Citi invites customers to realize their dreams with the financial services company with ads tagged “Let’s get it done.” The first spot, from Publicis West in Seattle, which began running in the U.S. last night, features scenes of people in all parts of the world, achieving personal and business goals like buying homes, starting businesses or sending kids to college. A male voiceover asks, “Who first believed in you? Listened to your dreams?” against a shot of a young boy holding a parent’s hand in the rain. “We all need a partner,” the narrator continues, as screen copy of the words “dreams” and “realities” are graphically linked with the red Citi arch. “A partner that turns dreams into realities.” The spot offers something for everyone, from the parent who worries about funding his kid’s education to the CEO merging a company. The opening and closing shots of the cute little boy in the blue raincoat letting go of his mom’s hand and going off on his own is endearing and reminiscent of childhood dreams and making the future reality. The tagline is actionable and may just make people believe that Citi is the partner they’ve been looking for. After all, it’s not about what you’re dreaming, but what you’re going to do.