Publicis Bows Garden Ridge Ads

Publicis Dallas this week launches its initial campaign for home decor mega-retailer Garden Ridge. The work is Publicis’ first on behalf of the client since winning the $10-15 million account last year.
The new creative will feature discussions with actual customers and employees of Garden Ridge, culled from hundreds of hours of videotaped interviews, according to agency group account director Brice Campbell.
The campaign, promoting the retailer’s famous 60-hour “Shop-a-thon,” is similar to two promotional spots which ran in five test markets recently for a ficus tree promotion.
In the first of those TV commercials, titled “Ficus/Ballet,” ficus trees are seen moving through the store’s aisles to the strains of a waltz. Locomotion is provided by the carts of unseen shoppers.
In the second, a customer named “Suelinda” plunges into a group of ficus trees and thrashes about enthusiastically before finding one that she thinks is superior.
The Shop-a-thon ads will air in the Houston retailer’s Southeast and Southwest markets, the majority of which are in Texas.
Garden Ridge had sales last year of $364 million, according to Hoovers Online. The retailer caters to women, who make up 85 percent of its customer base.
Publicis won the account late last year following the client’s split with its agency of nine years, Fogarty Klein & Partners in Houston.