Publicis Airs SNET Image Ads

Publicis/Bloom today breaks its first corporate image campaign for Southern New England Telecommunications, positioning the client as a technological leader able to compete with the likes of AT&T, MCI, Sprint and Bell Atlantic.
Two initial TV spots both feature children–against a backdrop of Connecticut barns, lighthouses and boardwalks –fantasizing about communicator necklaces, phones plugged directly into people’s heads and the ability to call aliens. A voiceover for one ad states: “Some see it as fantasy, but here in Connecticut we see it as reality that we haven’t worked out yet.” One spot ends with the optimistic musing of a little girl: “The future’s gonna be good.”
“What better way to talk about the future than in the eyes and minds of the people who represent the future–our children?” said Bob Kantor, chairman and chief executive of the New York agency.
The ads have no tagline but use the SNET logo. SNET previously used the tag, “We go beyond the call.” Further spots are scheduled for spring. The campaign will air throughout Connecticut and New York. Tony DeGregorio is the creative director, Mike Feinberg and Jim Basirico are the copywriter and art director, respectively. Barbara Russo was the producer.
Publicis had created a single spot for SNET, New Haven, Conn., in October, touting the client’s No. 1 customer satisfaction ranking from J.D. Power & Associates. Ads from previous agencies had focused on price comparisons.
Publicis won creative and media planning duties on the estimated $30 million account in May 1997 after a review. Media buying is handled by Media Inc., New York.