PT Cruiser Accelerates Production

DaimlerChrysler AG said on Monday that it will increase production of its popular PT Cruiser.

The company will produce 80,000 more cars at its assembly plant in Toluca, Mexico. That will bring production to 310,000 vehicles each year.

“The added production will help close the gap between supply and customer demand,” Dieter Zetsche, Chrysler’s president and chief executive, said in a statement released to reporters touring the company’s Jeep plant here.

The company plans to spend $300 million to increase production beginning in the fall of 2002. DaimlerChrysler said there should be more PT Cruisers available in the United States this summer because all vehicles made at the Toluca plant will be sent to North American dealerships.

More than 175,000 PT Cruisers have been sold since the model was introduced in March 2000.

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