PSAs for Lost and Found Kids

TLP has produced a public service advertising campaign celebrating the 100th recovery of a missing child due to those white cards that arrive regularly in the mailbox.

The Dallas agency has joined with Windsor, Conn.-based ADVO Inc., which produces the “Have you seen me?” cards, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to produce a television, radio and print campaign that rolls out at the end of August.

“Our goal was to create a campaign that touches consumers and results in the recovery of more missing children,” said TLP group account director Elwanda Edwards.

The national pro bono advertising campaign is scheduled to run for a year, with the emphasis on the first six months.

Director Ken Nahoum’s 30-second TV spot, produced by Edge Films in New York, features some of the 100 children recovered since 1985. It ends with the tagline, “One hundred is a big number, but it still isn’t big enough.” The commercial will air on national network and cable television. Major metropolitan markets are the target for spot television, radio and print ad messages.

Actress Andrea Thompson, who plays Detective Jill Kirkendall on NYPD Blue, provides the voice-over in a 60-second radio ad.

A print ad features the ShopWise-shared program that distributes pictures of the missing children on branded direct mail cards.

“Reuniting 100 missing children with their families is a huge milestone and it shows that a simple card with a photograph sent through the mail does make a difference for some unfortunate children,” said Gary VonKennel, president and chief executive officer at TLP.

ADVO distributes the missing children direct mail cards to 79 million households every week in partnership with the Alexandria, Va.-based National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the U.S. Postal Service.