To Protect and Save

Paul Newman is the pitchman for Eisner Communications image campaign for The Nature Conservancy.

The ad effort, the first for the international conservation group, began Sunday with “Hand-in-Hand,” a television spot depicting scenes of unsurpassed natural beauty.

In each, a nature lover—fly fisherman, horseback rider, swimmer—holds up a sign indicating “7 strip malls,” “1 factory,” “4 office buildings,” “1 landfill,” as Newman says, “While progress should never come to a halt, there are many places it should never come to at all.”

Each individual then holds up a second sign completing the original message: “will never be here.”

“Conservation messages tend to focus on the negative consequences of neglecting the environment,” said Steve Etzine, creative director at the Baltimore shop. “But due toThe Nature Conservancy’s unique way of working with businesses and communities topreserve the environment, we are able to share a much more optimistic message.”

The campaign includes national television as well print, radio, interactive and direct mail elements.

Print work will appear in both Time and Newsweek. A public service component, also in development, breaks later this year.

The environmental group, the world’s largest private international conservation organization, is attempting to build awareness and increase funding for its mission of saving threatened habitats and species.