Propel’s ‘Power Walk’ of Life

NEW YORK What do Derek Jeter, John Stamos and Taye Diggs have in common? Besides being famously good-looking, they’re all checking out the same female power walker in a spot from Element 79 in Chicago for Propel Fitness Water.

In the commercial, the walker is seen striding through Beverly Hills’ ritzy Rodeo Drive district while listening to Mary J. Blige’s Family Affair. As she passes the celebrities—who are engaged in everyday celebrity activities such as eating lunch with glamorous companions and ducking the paparazzi—they all stop to appreciate her.

This is the first of three spots in a new campaign for Propel that will air through the summer. Print will hit in late March in People, Entertainment Weekly, Shape and Men’s Health.

All executions focus on differing motivations people have for staying fit, said Doug Behm, svp, group cd, Element 79.

“The campaign idea is that there’s different reasons why people are active,” said Behm.

The next spots will show a man running to relieve stress and a woman biking an ever-steeper hill to stay in shape.

“The new campaign is all about the benefits active people experience from feeling fit, such as confidence, vitality, looking good, strength and energy,” said Cindy Alston, client CMO, in a statement.