A Program For Work And Life

It was an event that organizers feared would not draw a crowd.
To pay homage to World No Tobacco Day last week, Arnold Communications hosted a few consciousness-raising events for its own staffers. The goal was not necessarily to get smokers to quit but to put the tobacco control movement into what Arnold executive vice president Lisa Unsworth called a “larger dimension.”
Anti-smoking czar Dr. Greg Connolly of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Program kicked off the program with a 20-minute slide presentation that detailed the history of the movement. In addition, anti-smoking messages ran continuously on video monitors throughout the Boston shop.
Among the commercials being shown was a new one that targets minority youth and portrays the “white” tobacco industry as the enemy. It was created by Demane Davis and Khari Streeter, whose Boston-based shop, The Heat, subcontracts to Arnold.
“I have to admit the night before I had that feeling of planning a party and wondering if anyone would show,” Unsworth said. To her surprise, and delight, Arnold’s Work/Life Group, run by chairman Ed Eskandarian’s daughter, Wendy, drew more than 300 staffers.
–Judy Warner