ProFlowers Sends Love, Not Like

NEW YORK Sometimes the words unsaid are the most telling. In this spot for ProFlowers, created by BBDO West, Los Angeles, a daughter says goodbye to her mother after a visit, but instead of hearing the usual affected farewells, this daughter tells it like it is. Her mother, walking her to the door of a waiting taxi, tells her what a wonderful time she has had during her visit. But what does she get in return? “Spending time with you is so reasonably nice,” responds the daughter. “I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t mean it,” she continues, going on to explain that she has always been like her “closest acquaintance.” When the daughter turns her back to her mom to get into the cab, the mother’s face falls to reveal her true dejection. The spot then asks the essential question with on screen copy set against a gleeful yellow background, “What message do your flowers send?” A graphic treatment sends a stream of flowers floating out of the ProFlowers box and logo and the voiceover and tag stresses, “Send love, not like.”