Professor Green Joins Doritos Promotion

U.K. rapper Professor Green, who’s signed to EMI/Virgin, has joined the Doritos “Late Night” campaign.

Rihanna first revealed her involvement in a Doritos campaign—with the “Who’s That Chick?” video of a track recorded with David Guetta—in her Oct. 16 Billboard cover story.

Like the Rihanna video, Professor Green’s performance is filmed using 360° camera technology allowing fans to interact with and manipulate the music video. They can see the video for his Doritos track “Coming To Get Me” from different angles and reveal new scenes.

The campaign is global and also features artists Teargas (South Africa), Down With Webster (Canada) and Sensacional Orchestra Sonora (Brazil).

Doritos brand manager Sam Hinchliffe said the company was “allowing consumers to discover new music in ground-breaking ways.”