Print Ad Taps Into Steve Slater Mania

The world’s best-known flight attendant Steven Slater is going to be the topic of an ad for a chain of fitness centers.

The New York Times reported that the New York Sports Clubs chain MySportsClubs loves to run ads related to current events and plans to use one this week, based on Slater’s sudden fame after he left a JetBlue flight in a dramatic fashion by deploying the emergency chute.

The ad, scheduled to run today (Monday), will carry the headline “Flight attendants, be fit when you hit the slide.”

Ad industry folks had been discussing in recent days whether Slater may get endorsement deals or whether some ad campaign may make reference to him.

Meanwhile, hopes of Slater fans that he will do a TV series or movie may be premature as his legal rep has said he wants to remain a flight attendant.

At a press conference Thursday outside Slater’s Queens, N.Y., home, his Legal Aid attorney, Howard Turman, told reporters: “JetBlue is a wonderful airline which he has loved working for, and wishes to continue working for. He understands the problems, but it has been a fair and understanding airline.”

Slater, 38, remains free on $2,500 bail. But if convicted of charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing, he could face up to seven years in prison.