Pringles Gets ‘Small’ in a Big Way

NEW YORK In Grey’s latest work for Pringles potato chips, size still matters—but small’s not so bad.

“The target is the 42-year-old woman who buys for the house and for herself,” said Rob Baiocco, creative director at Grey here, which has held the Pringles account for the past 10 years.

The work is a celebration of all things small, from MP3 players to Mini Coopers to toy dogs. Set to an upbeat, bouncy tune that extols the virtues of smallness, it ends with the tagline, “Small. It’s the new big.”

“Pringles will be a mega brand that delivers great tasting snacks to our customers. We’ll meet consumer needs and makes sure it fits,” said Douwe Bergsma, North American marketing director at Pringles.

To that end Pringles recently introduced Pringles Select, an upscale version of its chip, also with work from Grey.

“They’ve got a new product and the whole brand is about being playful,” said Baiocco. “We came up with idea that most of the new fun things out today are small like Mini Coopers and mini dogs.”