Priceline Unveils Latest ‘Bill’ of Goods

NEW YORK In two fresh 30-second TV spots for, familiar client pitchman William Shatner confronts shoppers and turns their words into the online travel site’s mantra.

In “Mattress Jumping,” he asks a couple trying out mattresses, “What are you doing?” The woman responds, “Shopping and comparing before we buy.” A light goes on in Shatner’s head. “Shop . . . and compare . . . before you . . . buy,” he says in his classic Captain James T. Kirk staggered staccato voice. He’s next seen jumping on a mattress yelling, “Shop . . . and . . . compare,” explaining in voiceover how Priceline lets you shop and compare hotels and airfares before you actually buy.

In “Shoe Store,” a woman trying on shoes also tells him she’s shopping and comparing, which somehow inspires Shatner to try on red high heels.

Interpublic Group’s Gotham here crafted the spots for the Norwalk, Conn.-based client, which spends about $50 million annually on ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Michael Jordan served as creative director; Warren Kushner directed the spots.