Press Cabinet Starts Revolution

One ad boutique is plotting a revolution. In lip color, that is.
Los Angeles shop The Press Cabinet’s print ads for Stila Cosmetics’ new lip polish keep the distinctive cartoon-glam look of its previous work for the client, but cast the cartoon women in 1960s revolutionary dress, complete with beret, turtleneck and boots.
The women stand saluting or holding tubes of the product, which is a lipstick and lipgloss in one. One ad urges readers to “Join the Stila revolution.” Another reads, “Revolutionize your lips.”
“The product gives you freedom, since it is a lipgloss and a lipstick,” said Press Cabinet creative director Price Arana. “It is a revolutionary product.”
The ads will appear in October and November issues of women’s magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Elle and Marie Claire.
The Press Cabinet has worked with Stila Cosmetics since 1997, and is currently developing two new campaigns for the Los Angeles-based client. Stila was recently purchased by New York-based Esteƒ Lauder.

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