pregnant pause

Much to his delight, Bill Drake’s efforts to discourage sex among teenagers in Idaho have created quite a buzz. His agency’s TV spots on the subject have been met with awards and laugh ter. But most important, Drake said, they have hit home with the target.

Created for the gov ernor’s office by es/drake in Boise, the ads spoof doll commercials like those for Barbie and G.I. Joe, using the same gleeful tone to introduce Teen Mommy Darci and Action Teen Father.

Teen Mommy Darci lives in a trailer park and has no job. Action Teen Father fights off creditors and has special “diaper-grip hands.” Both spots conclude with the text: “Teen parenting isn’t fun.”

The spots have been honored with an Addy and with a Best of Show nod from the Northwest Advertising Competition. Plus, Drake noted, Idaho’s teen pregnancy rate has declined sharply.

“This state is pretty socially conservative, but they wanted to address the problem of teen pregnancy in an effective way,” Drake said, adding that he hopes other states pick up the ads.

Drake admitted there were complaints from people who live in trailer parks. “They said the ads made them look like losers,” he said.