Precision Tune Auto Care Gets Image Adjustment

An animated super-hero is the standard bearer in Williams Whittle Associates’ rebranding push for Precision Tune Auto Care.

“The client wasn’t looking for a new ad campaign, but a branding strategy to reposition the company,” said WWA creative director Walter Brown. “So we created Precision Man, a strategic representation of the values, experience and technology associated with Precision Tune Auto Care.”

The Alexandria, Va., shop’s broadcast, print, outdoor and collateral efforts are available to the Leesburg, Va.-based client’s 400 franchisees across the U.S. Annual billings are estimated at $14 million.

Franchisees are responsible for their own media buys. This summer the headquarters side will pump another $1.2 million into ad expenditures.

“We wanted to give our franchisees a campaign that would be consistent around the country, “but flexible and customizable for each location,” said Kevin Bates, client vice president of marketing.

On another level, Brown said his agency’s charge was to enhance the corporate office’s relationship with the franchisees. “They needed to win the hearts and minds and souls of these folks,” he said.

The three-year client’s first television work is a 30-second spot. It features Precision Man coming to the assistance of a family whose car has broken down on a country road.

The opening dialogue, consisting basically of “What’s that?” “Huh?” “What’s what?” and “Look out!” effectively sets up the spot. A melodramatic musical flourish introduces the spokeshero.

Precision Man, speaking in a mechanical voice, quickly analyzes an ignition system problem and saves the day. Viewers are left with a jingly message: “For complete maintenance and systems’ repair, go to Precision Tune Auto Care.”

Brown was the creative director on the television project. Freelancer Brian Dean handled the copywriting, and Pam Campagnoli wasthe producer. The production company was Reelworks Animation in Minneapolis.