Powell, 63, Eisaman CD, Dies

Adrienne Powell, former senior vice president and creative director of Eisaman, Johns & Laws (now Lois/EJL), died Aug. 1 of lung cancer. She was 63.
Powell is best known for writing copy for EJL campaigns for clients including Pennzoil, Cooper Tire, Giorgio Beverly Hills and Neutrogena, among others. She was “the voice of Arnold Palmer” in the professional golfer’s role as Pennzoil’s advertising spokes-person, penning 31 of the 36 Palmer TV spots produced for the client.
A native of San Francisco, Powell became a vice president four years after joining EJL in 1971 from Helene Rubenstein, Playboy and Hall & Levine Advertising. Powell was a founding member of the Los Angeles Creative Club.
Among the longest-running taglines Powell produced for EJL clients were: “Cooper. The tire with two names: The name of the company and the man who builds it.” for Cooper Tire; “Look out for No. 1” for the Chevrolet Dealers of Southern California; and “Pennzoil. Since America learned to drive.” for Pennzoil.
When EJL introduced Peugeot in the United States, Powell developed the tagline, “Peugeot. In Europe they call it the French Mercedes.”
In addition to her creative talent, Powell was known for her contributions to agency-client strategy. The scratch ‘n’ sniff fragrance strips used in magazine ads were a product of her thinking, according to former EJL executive vice president and management supervisor Don Pingaro.
“She was an exceptional writer, very strategic and very visual,” remembered Joe Eisaman, Lois/EJL chairman emeritus. “Adrienne was so prolific she could set a strategy or themeline over a hurried lunch, or sitting on the edge of her bed, talking to you from home while blow-drying her hair. In addition to being talented, she was enormously entertaining, and she is really missed.”