Pounding the Pavement

“Lance Armstrong is inspirational, he’s a hero, and that’s why we put him on the cover of Men’s Journal,” said Jann Wenner, the magazine’s publisher, at a party he threw last Tuesday evening for the five-time winner of the Tour de France. Hard to argue with that reasoning. On hand for the party, held in the Whiskey Bar of the Times Square W Hotel, were Sandra Bullock, Julie Bowen (star of NBC’s Ed) and Robin Williams, among others. Armstrong, a cancer survivor whose commitment to fighting the disease includes a side job doing commercials for Bristol-Myers Squibb, spoke with Shoptalk about the Tour of Hope. A week-long, 3,200-mile awareness-raising trek by 26 riders, it began Oct. 11 in Los Angeles and wrapped Saturday in Washington, D.C. “Bristol-Myers Squibb helped save my life,” Armstrong said, “and they’re doing a tremendously important thing by sponsoring this tour, which will help people facing cancer.”

Williams, himself an avid cyclist, was interested in slightly less serious topics. He offered to race Shoptalk in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park sometime, though he demurred when asked if he would run for governor of New York. “No, no, I’m not an SS officer. I just like to wear the uniform,” he said in a thick Austrian accent while making groping gestures.