Potter/Katz Adds 2 New Clients

Potter/Katz has added two new ad accounts within the span of a week: Clifford Electronics and The American Institute for Public Safety.
The North Hollywood, Calif., agency will handle a major repositioning effort for Clifford, a maker and marketer of mobile security products such as key-chain remote controls.
P/K leveraged its relationship with the Chatsworth, Calif.-based company’s new president, Alex Wijnen, to win the estimated $1 million account. Wijnen previously served as president of Vivitar Corp., another P/K client.
“I was deeply impressed by the entire organization, particularly the creative work of Dan Katz and the marketing acumen of Don Potter in the launch of Vivitar’s Digital Imaging Division,” Wijnen said.
P/K will develop a consumer campaign of radio, spot TV, newspaper and national magazine ads. The shop will handle the introduction of a digitally networked mobile security system that is due to be unveiled next month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Separately, the agency has won a $1 million account from AIPS, which operates Improv Comedy Driving Schools in Los Angeles and Miami.
The agency will launch a test effort in Florida in the first quarter, said Potter. “We selected Florida because there are five diverse marketing areas within the state for us to measure the success more readily of a variety of media campaigns,” he said.