Pot-bellied and squat, Amazon.com’s Sweatermen are

Pot-bellied and squat, Amazon.com’s Sweatermen are back for an encore, just in time for the holidays. “I didn’t have to wrap your gift/ I didn’t leave the house/ In fact I never saw your gift/ I did it all by mouse!” the square songbirds sing in one spot from the ’50s-flavored musical campaign.

It was neither hipster irony nor a passion for camp that inspired the music. “When we were little, our dad had every Mitch Miller album ever made,” admits Roger Wojahn, half of the creative team behind Wojahn Bros. Music in Santa Monica, Calif. “He used to get us up at 7 a.m. and march us around the house with our toothbrushes and our pajamas, singing Mitch Miller.” Adds twin brother Scott: “We’d been waiting for years for the pendulum to swing back around to stupid silly songs.”

While best-known for their spoofs, such as Jack in the Box’s boy band parody “The Meaty Cheesy Boys,” the 44-year-old brothers have composed classic blues for Porsche, Mediterranean melodies for Ford, folk-pop for McDonald’s and sound design for AT&T. But it was their devotion to yesterday’s crooners that most impressed Tom O’Keefe and Matt Reinhard at FCB Worldwide in San Francisco, which created the Sweatermen.

“You couldn’t pick a better set of twins for the job,” jokes O’Keefe. “I’ve been working with them for years and they nail it every time.”