Portrait: Story Worldwide

As an adman, Jon King of post-punk band Gang of Four fame has found a new way of affecting change


Who Jon King, managing director, Story Worldwide U.K. 

What Digital marketing and custom-content agency

Where Story Worldwide, London

For a capitalism-critiquing, post-punk singer to end up advertising cosmetics might not seem like the most linear of career paths. Still, after a few twists and turns, Jon King, the frontman of the influential 1970s and ‘80s band Gang of Four, now heads up the London office of Story Worldwide. That means overseeing the digital marketing and custom-content shop’s work outside of North America and Japan for clients like Finlandia vodka, J&J and Estée Lauder. Has King’s ultimate destination left him with a sense of cognitive dissonance? Not really. “Always what Gang of Four wanted to do was be at the belly of the beast,” he quipped.

Photo by: Jude Edginton