Pork Piggybacks On Chefs

The National Pork Producers Council’s 10-year-old “The other white meat” campaign takes a new tack next month that might not have been possible a decade ago.
A new 30-second TV spot from Bozell, Chicago, shows a TV flipping from channel to channel, each time hitting a snippet of a cooking show with a pork dish being prepared. The scenes are actual clips from shows featuring such chefs as Martin Yan, Nick Stollino and Justin Wilson.
The spot’s closing kicker is that the Three Little Pigs are the channel surfers. “Hey guys, we’re popular again,” says one of the animated pigs. “Yeah, with mashed potatoes,” another responds gravely.
“I think this is a testament to the effectiveness of the Pork Council’s marketing and ‘The other white meat’ campaign,” said David Wojdyla, Bozell executive creative director. “Ten years ago, pork didn’t have a good image. It was considered too fatty, not appetizing. That’s all changed, and the cooking shows reflect that change.”
The Little Pigs closing, one of several endings that were offered, made some Pork Council members uneasy, Wojdyla said. But it tested well enough–with consumers as well as with pork producers–to assuage the doubts.
“It was the most outrageous ending, but also the most exciting,” Wojdyla said. “I think the changed attitudes about pork also make it possible to have that kind of fun with it.”
The spot breaks in March on a variety of cable networks.
Six new print ads also begin appearing next month. Continuing the TV spot’s concept of chefs cooking with pork, the print ads offer recipes and a mailing address consumers can write to for a booklet of additional menu ideas.