Pop Secret “Caddyshack”

I never would have thought corn kernels could be cute. Pop Secret’s new campaign from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners features the inhabitants of a Pop Secret street where animated kernels enjoy movie night together. The character development and animation are great, and the kernels have just the right texture to give them their hard dense forms. In this latest spot, a couple cozies up on the couch with Caddyshack, when a boisterous friend busts in and starts reenacting a scene from the movie, using an umbrella as a golf club and making a mess. Like the first spot that had a grandma trying so hard to outdo her grandson with impressions from the Dark Knight she pops herself, here the guy gets so heated during his impression that he pops into a piece of popcorn. Thankfully that’s where the story ends, and a big human hand doesn’t bust through the roof to snatch him up and eat him. Or are we to believe that he goes on about his business, now puffed up, deformed and unable to move? Maybe they’ve figured a way to reverse the process. Or do the popped ones just become outcasts and wait around to become snack food? –Eleftheria Papris