Poor Relations

The battle between McDermott/O’Neill & Associates and Regan Communications spilled onto the pages of both Boston dailies last week after Tom O’Neill threatened George Regan with legal action.
O’Neill’s lawyers asked Regan to cease and desist making “false and misleading statements” regarding McDermott/O’Neill.
Regan’s legal counsel–actually full-time employee Adam Hurtubise–fired back, writing that since no false or misleading statements had been made, there was “nothing to cease and desist.”
Whether O’Neill carries out his threat remains to be seen. A number of Regan and O’Neill competitors are hoping O’Neill will see it though.
“Tommy is the one person in town who could take [George] on and I hope he goes for it,” said one.
Meanwhile, the knives were being drawn for Regan, who, just prior to signing a lease for office space in Providence, told a Boston Herald columnist that the city is filled with public relations “impostors.”
Mike Doyle, president of RDW Group in Providence, shot back: “As far as I know, Regan’s claim to fame is his relationship with the editorial department at the Herald. What he describes and practices as public relations has little resemblance to professional PR.”
–Sarah Jones and Judy Warner