Pony Saddles 3 for Finals

LOS ANGELES Pony International has cut to three finalists in its $3 million global print review, said the company’s chief marketing officer today.

Independents WongDoody in Los Angeles, Ignited Minds of Marina del Rey, Calif., and Kastner & Partners in Santa Monica, Calif., were selected from an initial field of more than 20 agencies, Thompson said.

“All three had a good mix of edge, humor and the ability to speak to our consumer,” said Thompson.

Agency presentations are scheduled for early next week, Thompson said. The review began two weeks ago [Adweek Online, Feb. 24], and the finalists are presenting previous work and strategy in lieu of original creative.

Pony International, with headquarters in Santa Barbara, Calif., features a youth-oriented brand of footwear. Thompson identified the demographic as “14- to 24-year-old alternative, conscious trendsetters looking for a brand that shares and expresses their individuality and values.”