Poll: Which Was Your Favorite Spot of 2012?

Also, see Adweek's top 10 all in one minute

What did we get right? What would you have picked instead?

Adweek this week made its picks for the 10 best commercials of 2012—the cream of the crop from among the hundreds of thousands of TV spots and branded videos released each year. There were some familiar names like Chrysler and Nike, and some unfamiliar ones like Norway's Widerøe Airlines. Our top 10 spots are undeniably compelling. But of course, quality is subjective. We'd like to hear your favorite spots of the year. In the poll below, select your favorite from among the 10 commercials we picked; if your pick for the year's best spot isn't among them, let us know in comments.

And for a refresher of our selections, see them all in the 60-second montage above.