Politics, Blogs Were Hot Web Topics in ’06

NEW YORK Political vitriol and the blogoshere itself were the most fervently discussed matters on blogs last year, according to a report from Nielsen BuzzMetrics.

Postings that generated the most links and commentary were mainly focused on political discourse and satire. In fact, as many bloggers responded to some of the year’s biggest political events by reacting to comments made by TV personalities like Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

But the biggest blog post of the year, according to BuzzMetrics, came in the form of a petition protesting changes in Live Journal, a popular blogging platform. The blog posting was linked to in 801 posts by 786 other blogs from Jan. 1 through Nov. 30.

Taking up the most space on the top ten list was the political blog crooksandliars.com, which saw its postings take the second, third, fifth and seventh positions in BuzzMetrics’ top ten. Among the topics that drove heavy rounds of discussion on Crooks and Liars were Colbert’s mocking speech delivered at a White House event and a pair of Olbermann diatribes against the Bush administration.

“A minority of highly influential blogs continues to influence the broader conversation on the web,” said Jonathan Carson, CEO, Nielsen BuzzMetrics. “However, unique circumstances and events, such as the LiveJournal protest against proposed interface changes, can resonate with passionate stakeholders and catapult lesser-known blogs to the top.”

The fourth, ninth and tenth most popular blog postings of the year were also related to blogging, as David Sifry, founder and CEO of blog-search engine Technorati, posted his regular state of the blogosphere reports at various times throughout the year.