politically incorrect

Whether it’s civic duty, a bid to sell more beer or just an irresistible pun, Nixon’s Bar & Restaurant in Phoenix is set to run a unique get-out-the-vote TV commercial.

The 30-second ad features a herd of dark-suited men racing toward the camera. As they approach, it becomes clear that they are all wearing rubber Richard Nixon masks. The onscreen message: “There are a lot of Dicks running. Please vote Nov. 7.” The spot closes with the bar’s logo: a silhouette of Nixon in his famous arms-aloft-double-victory-sign pose.

“This isn’t about finding a way to say ‘dick’ in a commercial,” assured Louie Moses, president of Moses Anshell, the Phoenix agency that created the spots. “It’s an opportunity to help Nixon’s reach a specific audience. If you laugh at this spot, you’ll have a great time at Nixon’s.”

As it happens, bus shelter ads the agency created for Nixon’s recently hit a nerve with the local good-taste police [Adweek Shoptalk, Oct. 16]. Commenting on the banished ads, Moses used an expletive to describe the censors and added, “It’s awfully silly.”