‘Polishing the Crown Jewel’

McCann-Erickson South-west rolls out a $25-30 million media campaign on behalf of Texas Instruments this week.

The Dallas shop has produced two 30-second television spots and four print ads that will also launch in Europe a week later.

“Wheat” and “Ocean” feature high-tech images coupled with futuristic animation set against the backdrop of a wheat field and the sea. Common to both spots is the voiceover tagline: “The digital fountain of youth.”

McCann-Erickson Southwest account director Jack Robberson said the advertising is targeted at electronic products manufacturers that use digital signal processors (DSPs).

“DSPs are one of the cornerstone products for TI,” said Robberson. “We are basically polishing the crown jewel.”

Airing on cable television venues such as ESPN, Discovery Channel, CNN and CNN/SI, the campaign is designed to reach design engineers and managers at home, where they are expected to be more receptive.

A modified version of “Wheat” will air on satellite and cable channels such as Euro Sports, Euro News and CNN International in Germany, France and the U.K.

The campaign is an extension of one that ran from last fall until May of this year. That effort showcased products using TI’s DSPs by customers such as Compaq, Cisco Systems and AOL in the U.S. and Siemens and Deutsche Telekom in Europe. The new print ads, to appear in trade journals, use testimonials from the top executives of these companies.

“Research from phase one gave good results that we had made a good investment and should continue with that investment,” said Jean Wilkinson, vice president of worldwide marketing communications at Dallas-based Texas Instruments. “The campaign is designed to win more customers, and we expect to see the needle move.”