Capitalizing on this month’s election frenzy, a New Orleans agency has created a print ad with a reproduction of an election ballot and the simple headline, “Design affects people.”

“We’re just having fun with the problems with the voters in Florida,” said Skeet Hanks, a partner and creative director at The Bah Group. “Poking a little fun and promoting ourselves at the same time.”

The ad goes on to note, “We understand the power of design. We make it work.”

Hanks, who declined to reveal his political-party affiliation, said “the whole point we wanted to make was that design does count. It could have made the vote for Gore; on the other hand, for Bush, this probably never would have happened.”

The ad appeared earlier this month in the New Orleans newspaper Gambit. “We’ve got some great feedback,” said Hanks. “Actually, we’re looking for some more help, so this acted as an advertisement to get more designers as well.”

Susan Johann