PointRoll Introduces Polling Feature; Eyeblaster to Follow

NEW YORK Rich-media provider PointRoll has added a polling feature to its ads that enables marketers to collect survey results from Web surfers, and rival Eyeblaster plans to roll out a similar offering in October.

Fort Washington, Pa.-based PointRoll said the product innovation, called Pollster, allows advertisers to capture information about brands, products and positioning by having users answer questions within ads. Respondents can compare their responses to others.

With PointRoll’s technology, carried by publishers like Yahoo! and Accuweather, people roll their mouse over an online ad to view additional information without leaving the Web page.

Meanwhile, an Eyeblaster representative said that the New York-based company intends to introduce a polling feature this fall that will let users cast votes and see results within ad units.

For example, an advertiser could ask if a user is male or female and how he or she plans to vote in the presidential election, the rep said. Results then could be tabulated within the ad.