Pohly Preps E-Room Pub

BOSTON The Pohly Co. has been hired to design and produce VitalCare, a quarterly consumer magazine to be distributed in emergency rooms nationwide.

The American College of Emergency Physicians Foundation retained the Boston-based custom communications company for the task.

Launching in April, VitalCare will focus on providing health and safety information for families, seniors, and the public at large. The publication seeks to enhance the emergency department experience for patients and those who accompany them, increase public awareness about emergency medicine, and educate the public about health and safety issues.

“Emergency physicians are on the front lines of the American health care system providing the essential community service of emergency care to more than 114 million visitors per year,” said client executive director Dean Wilkerson, in a statement. “Providing outstanding patient care is our No. 1 goal and VitalCare will help us reach patients with important information to help prevent, respond to, or recognize the signs of medical emergencies as well as current issues affecting their health care.”

Diana Pohly, president of Boston-based Pohly Co., said the company sought “to create a magazine that’s compelling and informative, and encourages consumers to be proactive on health and safety issues.”

The company also produces The Advertiser for the Association of National Advertisers. Coca-Cola, Continental Airlines, UAW-DaimlerChrysler and Western Union rank among its many other clients.