Pohly Launches Web Division

Diana Pohly’s still bullish on the Internet economy despite the struggles of companies that have linked their fortunes to the Web.

Pohly’s custom publishing firm, Pohly & Partners, last week launched a Web content division called Oncore.

Short for Online Content Resource, the unit will provide Web content designed to build and enhance customer relationships for online marketers and corporate webmasters.

The division will be led by a management team that includes Pohly, director of marketing services Deborah Farley, executive director Ken Beaulieu, who will also serve as editorial director, and design director Kevin Miller.

The decision to launch Oncore comes as existing clients “pushed us and led us to think through journalism-based content for corporate sites,” said Pohly, president of the Boston-based company. “Customer relationship management is driving a lot of custom publishing,” she added.

While the firm will not hire a separate staff devoted to Oncore, Pohly & Partners is seeking a director of business development for the division, Pohly said.

“We’re already doing this work,” she said. “The capital and talent already exist here.”

Pohly & Partners does not have any clients that are exclusive to Oncore, but most of the company’s existing clients have begun using its capabilities, including Continental Airlines, Sotheby’s International Realty and UAW-DaimlerChrysler, Pohly said.

“Our goal within three years is for Oncore to comprise half of the total revenue of the company, and I frankly expect that it will outstrip what we generate in print,” she said.

Pohly concedes that the relationship marketing firm is facing a challenge in terms of breaking into the already crowded Web category. Even so, “Most people are not working with major brands like we are, and are not providing editorial-based content,” she said.

Pohly & Partners has previously focused on developing print magazines and newsletters for its clients. The privately-held company has 40 employees in Boston and projects 2000 revenue of $13 million. It was spun off from Cadmus Communications last year when Pohly purchased Cadmus Custom Publishing after running the unit for two years.

To draw attention to the new division, Pohly & Partners last week wrapped a PT Cruiser with Oncore logos and drove the vehicle around Boston.