Pocketmail Takes It Outside

Citron’s Pay Phone Ads the Core of New Campaign
SAN FRANCISCO–In its first ad campaign for the Pocketmail e-mail service, Citron Haligman Bedecarre opted to use media placement as well as creative content to get its message across.
“Since this service means you can get your e-mail from any phone, we decided to put ads on pay phone booths to make our point,” said agency president Kirk Citron.
Marketed by Santa Clara, Calif.-based Pocket Science, Pocketmail is a $10-a-month service that allows users to send and retrieve e-mail from an ordinary telephone with the aid of a $100 pocket-sized device available at major office supply chains.
Each outdoor ad consists of an irreverent statement in large white type on an bright red background, with an arrow pointing to where a person would stand to use the phone.
Among the lines are: “Sending sexually explicit e-mail joke to everyone in company,” and “Receiving detailed e-mail describing exactly where to get rid of the body.”
In addition to the phone booth ads, the national launch campaign that broke last week includes airport posters in New York and Washington, D.C., and print ads running in national newspapers including USA Today and The Wall Street Journal and magazines such as Newsweek and Wired. The pay phone executions are appearing first in New York, and will roll out to other cities later this year, said agency officials. Billings are estimated at $4-6 million.
The print ads, which Citron said are “like an ad of an ad,” use photos of people using phones that display the outdoor ads.